The Nazi Will Burn 1/?

Story title: The Nazi Will Burn
Chapter title: The Shoebox
Author: KlutzyKelli
Pairings/Characters: Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel, other cannon characters are small parts
Rating: NC-13
Summary: Noah Puckerman gets revenge on the family that killed his.
Spoilers: None that I can think of...
Author's Note: This is a fill from the glee_angst_meme. The prompt was, "Mister Shue wants the kids to get in touch with their roots, and assigns them a family tree project. Some surprises come to light, Puck/Rachel's family suffered/escaped from the Holocaust, while one of Kurt's family members was a Nazi, either part of the movement, in the Hitler youth, or a supporter. The lineage doesn't have to be direct. A great uncle or something will suffice."
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. If I did Puck and Kurt would be together, Rachel would be dead in a ditch somewhere, and Adam Lambert would be the co-captain with Mister Shuester. So obviously, I don't own Glee.

"New assignment. I think we need to go back and trace our roots. You all have amazing talents, so  think we should appreciate where those talents came from. I know that Rachel got her amazing voice from a very talented mother, but where else did that come from? Dig into your past and find something exciting. We'll start presenting on Friday. That gives you guys three day to figure out your family tree." Shue clapped his hands and dismissed the group for the day,

Finn and Kurt headed over towards the Navigator that was parked closest to the school. Finn seemed excited about the assignment, but Kurt held some reservations. He knew that his dad was only first generation born in America, but he didn't really want to find out any more than that. He had no interest in the past, he was all about the future. Sighing, he started the engine of his baby and drove off to their house.

Kurt hadn't been up in the attic since his mom had died. The attic had sort of been her space. This was where she went when she needed to relax or when she wanted to be alone. It had been a nice place; a couch, lamp, bookshelf, record player, anything the women had needed to calm herself.

He stepped cautiously over the overturned phonograph and collasped into the paisley printed chair and watched as the dust spewed inot the air as his weight disturbed it. He coughed a few times clearing his lungs of the offending particles before he pulled a box labeled 'Grandpa Hummel' over towards him.

He knew the handwriting had been his dad's. Hopefully this would shed some light on his family and he wouldn't have to hunt for more history afterwords. He sighed before lifting the lid and staring at the contents in the box. It definitely wasn't what he had expected.

His great grandfather had immigrated over from Germany with his wife and fifteen year old son as soon as World War II had ended. That much he knew. What he didn't know was that his great grandfather had been a Nazi. The evidence was staring him in the face though. The photographs that stared up at him were of a man with a completely angry face dressed up in the uniform of a general in the German army from Hitler's reign.

He shuffled the pictures quickly until he came across a picture of a little blonde haired boy smiling widely up at the camera holding a small ball. It was quite adorable and Kurt was reminded of his baby pictures that lined the halls of Hudmel household. The next picture was of the same little boy in a Hitler youth uniform. The smile had been replaced with a blank expression. While the boy looked tough, his eyes conveyed that he was confused.

Kurt couldn't take looking at the pictures anymore. He set them aside and continued to rummage through the box. A few things caught his attention after the pictures. There was jewelry that was stunningly beautiful, a letter from General Hummel to his wife (whose name was Klara) declaring his undying love to the women, a portrait of Klara in stunningly vibrant colours, and baby clothes he was sure that his grandfather must have worn.

The last two things in the box were almost as bad as the pictures. A Hitler's Youth knife lay on top of of a white cloth. When Kurt had grabbed the white cloth and pulled it out, it unfolded itself and turned into the memorable Swastika flag that had haunted that Allied forces. There were brown splotches on the usually white design and Kurt immediately thought of fifty year old blood and how gross and disease filled it was.

Folding the flag back up, he shoved the trinkets back into the box before closing the lid and carrying the box with him down to the internet connection. He was suddenly very interested in everything on his Dad's side of the family.

"Noah? You wanted to go first?"

Noah Puckerman walked to the front of the room and slung his backpack across the top  of the piano. "Actually, Mister Shue, Rachel and I are presenting together. We found a common ancestor so we decided to focus on that person."

Rachel walked up and stood next to Noah and began her rant on the shared loved one. "His name was Jeremie Levy. He was a Jewish banker in Krakow, Poland. He managed to go escape the Nazi soldiers for a little while, but when he realized that the Nazis were taking over everything, he turned himself in. He ended up in Auschwitz in 1944. He actually died a few weeks before the camp was liberated."

Noah's voice broke in. "Diary accounts that he kept in secret while at the camp proved to be useful. The Levy family got these documents back at we actually have the diary entries here." He pulled the wrinkled papers from his bag and passed them around the room and asking the kids to be extremely careful with them. "From what he wrote, we can tell that he didn't die because he was sick. He seemed to be in decent health when the camp recorded him as dead."

Noah and Rachel continued to go into why they were both quite similar to their distant relative. Kurt was feeling quite sick. After reading up on his great grandfather, he had actually been quite proud of the man. Now hearing what went down to specific Jews, he was sick and disgusted that he had ever felt that sense on pride.

The two teens had finished and everyone clapped and congratulated them on their great presentation. Kurt swallowed knowing what was coming next.

"Kurt? You said you had wanted to go first as well. How about second since I had promised Noah he could go first?" Damn that smile.

"Uhhh... Sure." Kurt slowly got up and carried the shoebox to the front of the room. His legs suddenly felt like jelly and the box in his arms felt like lead. He wasn't to sure he could do this anymore.

"Well, I did have a flag to drape over the piano... Don't think I want to do that now." Shue shot him that look that was the 'we-won't-judge-you' look. Sighing, he pulled the flag from the box and draped it over the piano. The sharp intake of breath was apparent as Kurt turned back around.

"So I found I had a great grandfather who fought in World War II. His name was General Axel Hummel. He was a Nazi that had the ever important job of ruling over concentration camps..." He struggled to look at any of his glee mates. This was embarrassing. He'd have to apologize to Noah and Rachel later on.

"When I found out at first, I was kind of excited. I mean, not excited about what he did- that was just cruel and unusual. I meant that I was excited of my German heritage. It was weird how all of the sudden I wanted to know all about this guy. Come to find out though, I'm a lot like him. I called up my grand dad and asked him about Axel. He started off telling me about how proud he was to be his son and how great his dad had been. Apparently, Axel could sing and dance like no one else. He also perfected the 'bitchy' look. I have plenty of pictures of him wearing the bitchy look."

Kurt pulled the pictures from the shoebox and handed them around. He was not at all surprised when Rachel paled a little when the picture reached her. He winced. Damn history.

"I will admit that while I know what my great grandfather did was immoral, I don't think he did anything wrong. Yeah there was the senseless killing of a Jew or a faggot every now and then, but he did all off that to protect his wife, Klara, and his son. Without those killing, I probably wouldn't be here."

Kurt stared off into space for a minute or two before coming back to reality. Blushing at his momentary slip, he grabbed the flag and shoebox and headed back to his seat.

Noah would have his revenge. The Hummel family would regret the day they moved to America. No one messed with the Puckerman's and got away with it. Granted, Jeremie Levy was a Levy and not a Puckerman, but lineage was there. He had it all planned out.

The next day, he had arrived early to school. He knew which locker was Hummel's and he knew where the unfinished can of spray paint from the last locker prank was. The school had repainted the lockers the summer before and they were now a fire engine red and actually hurt the eyes if one looked for to long. The black spray paint would show up nicely.

Finishing up his new piece of artwork, Noah threw the can into the garbage can and waited for the halls to fill. People finally started to show up and their laughter died as they walked past Kurt's locker. Everyone took in the message and silently wondered if it was true.

When Kurt showed up, he didn't speak. He just stared at his locker taking in the message.

"THE NAZI WILL BURN." was all that had been said. The only other paint was the black Swastika that took up half of the locker door.

Kurt looked around and locked eyes with Noah. The tears began to fall, but Noah didn't care. This was only the beginning.

No Day But Today

Author's Note: This is a lot longer than anything I've ever written! Yay! I'm actually very proud of myself. So anyways, this just kind of came to me one night while I was lying in bed after watching RENT. I thought the whole Kurt as Angel thing would be to obvious so I did my own take the whole storyline. The singing might get confusing but it's easy enough.

The first song is just Noah and Kurt singing. Puck= Bold, Kurt= Italics, Both= Bold Italics

Second song is the entire Glee Club. Everyone= Italics, Mercedes/Matt's solo= Bold Italics

Third song is just Kurt. :)

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, Rent, or any of the songs mentioned in the story. :D


"Noah, if you need to tell everyone. Not drop subtle hints. I think I'm the only one who understood what you were saying." Kurt's voice broke the silence that followed my mash up. It wasn't his normal snarky, bitchy commentary. It was a soft, caring tone that made me break down. I couldn't help it. The tears flowed and my legs shook with the power of my sobs. I felt a small pair of arms wrap around my body and I curled into the warm touch. The sounds of 'shhhhh' and 'they'll understand' reached my ears until I was slowly calming down... Sort of. I knew going into this that it wouldn't be easy. I knew that I wouldn't be able to do it without crying. I was supposed to be a bad ass, but I was more like a baby.


Wiping my eyes, I turned towards the rest of the club. They were staring at me with worry in their eyes. I didn't want their worry, sympathy, or sad looks. I just wanted them to know the truth. I took a deep breath and told them. "I... I have aids..."

Silence. That's what met me as the words left my mouth.I felt Kurt's grip tighten on my arm in his small way of showing support. I felt another wave of tears hit me hard as no one said anything. I knew it. They thought I was a freak. A leper. They had lost all respect for me... Well, they would have if they had any respect for me. Rachel was the first to break the awful silence.

"Puck... How long... How long have you known?" The tears were welling up in her eyes. I didn't want to see her cry... That would only make me cry even more. A looked away, trying to find someone I could look at without breaking down. The only comfort I got was from Mister Shue.

"For about a month now... I didn't know how to tell you guys. I was ashamed. It was a one time thing with this chick over the summer. I didn't even know her. We were talking and one thing led to another and suddenly we... I didn't know what to do." I couldn't believe that this was actually happening to me. Although, I guess it's karma. Sleeping with just about every girl I saw would eventually have to bite me in the ass right?

"I knew there was a reason you kept turning down sex with me." Santana quipped from the back of the room. Everyone turned to stare at her. She must have felt the heated gaze directed at her because she stopped examining her nails and glared at everyone in the room. "What? No one turns down sex with Santana. Trust me. It's just not done."

We lapsed back into silence and I could feel my legs giving out. I leaned against the piano to brace myself. I sighed. Growing more accustom to these symptoms, I knew when I had reached my limit. If it hadn't of been for my rapidly decreasing weight and these sudden nasty looking bruises, I probably wouldn't have gone to the doctors to figure out what was wrong. When Coach Tenaka told me that he couldn't put on the team that year because I just didn't weigh enough, I knew that a trip to my physician was definitely in order.

I heard more than saw the club break down then. I heard the sounds of sniffling and sobbing. When I finally did come back from my dream world, I saw twelve red. blotchy faces staring at me. Before I could say anything though, I was being engulfed into a huge hug that was nearly suffocating. I broke down as their words of comfort sounded genuine. Rachel had to break the moment though.

"What does this mean for Glee club though? We need twelve members for Sectionals. If you... miss it then we'll be disqualified."

I laughed a little at her ignorance. "I'm not going to die tomorrow, Berry. Doctor gave me till about mid February. Means I'll be here for Sectionals... Just not Regionals."

Mister Shue clapped his hands once before declaring that even though this was all quite sentimental, that we needed to get to work with our brand new line up for Sectionals. "Noah... Would you mind singing your mash up at Sectionals for our ballad?"

I took in a huge breath. "Sorry, Mister Shue. I don't think I could do it alone."

Kurt stepped next to me at that point and grabbed my hand. "Maybe we could turn it into a duet. I know what we can do to make it perfect. Trust me."

Shue seemed to take a liking to that as we all headed back to our seats, me now sitting in the middle of the fray instead of off in the corner like normal. Continuing to prattle on about team work and unison, Mister Shue rummaged through some old song books from the closet. He smiled as he apparently found the song he wanted. "Well, I'll need to make copies for everyone, but I think I just found our group number. You guys like RENT, right?"

A few of the girls, and Kurt, squealed. I didn't get the whole bid to do about the movie... Musical... Whatever. Granted the mash up I did was two songs from the movie version. Shuester kept talking and assigning parts. It seemed to stay pretty much to the book on what gender sang which part. The only exception to that rule being Kurt who was asked to sing in the girl section... Shocker. Mercedes humbly accepted the solo that was sung by the character of Joanne, while Matt was given the chance to shine with Collins solo. We were all a little surprised when Matt agreed saying, "I finally get a solo."

Practice went well after that. Not much dancing was done and for that I was truly grateful. I didn't know if I had the energy to stand up at that point. Even singing put a strain on me. After listening to us bust out Seasons of Love though, I doubt we'll need dancing. Shue will want us to stay pretty close to the real thing anyways being the purest that he is when it comes to show tunes. Was I the only one who noticed his eagerness to rearrange a song unless it came from the stage?

By the end of the day, our set list had been made. Kurt and I would being doing the mash up I created with a little bit of his artistic tweaking, our group number would be Seasons of Love with Mercedes and Matt on the solos, and the solo number would be Rachel singing My Heart Will Go On from that boat movie. Our set list was really depressing if you asked me, but given the circumstances, it seemed appropriate.

Kurt ended up at my house that evening to tweak the mash up. Looking at what he was doing, I was amazed. "See? It isn't that hard. Just have to switch up the words a little, borrow the overlap of the voices from the actual show and, tada!" He smiled proudly as he looked at the sheet music and lyrics laying on my bed. We had been working for about an hour before we ended up finishing. Agreeing to show everyone tomorrow at Glee club, we broke for the night. He smiled sadly at me before pulling me in for a hug. Normally, he couldn't even make me budge, but with my rapidly deteriorating body he seemed much stronger.


The next day came way to fast for my liking. I had spent all night tossing and turning as I coughed and sweated my way through sleep. It didn't matter though. I still had to go to school, no matter how sick to my stomach I felt. I had hardly eaten anything all day when I walked into Glee and the saltine crackers that Kurt was slipping into his designer bag were calling my name.


He must have noticed because when he looked over at me, he smiled before pulling the Tupperware container back out along with a jar of Jif Omega 3 enhanced peanut butter. I silently thanked him before munching on the snack while waiting for club to start. I knew I must look a wreck, but for some reason I couldn't pull myself to care. Just the thought of having to sing that mash up again was making me sweat bullets. At least someone would be up there with me this time. I knew that Kurt wouldn't be singing for the same reason I was singing, but a little bit of relief still coursed through me at the thought of not being alone.

Not long after, Shue walked in the door and Kurt stuck his hand into the air telling them that we had finished our mash up... Duet... Thing. Smiling happily, Shuester gave us the floor. Kurt bounded over to Brad and handed him the revised sheet music. Once Kurt was standing next to me, the opening notes began and Kurt grabbed my hand and gave it a tiny squeeze. I sighed and began.

Will I lose my dignity?
Will someone care?
Will I wake tomorrow From this nightmare?

Will I lose my dignity?
Will someone care?
Will I wake tomorrow From this nightmare?

There's only us.
There's only this.
Forget regret.
Or life is yours to miss.
No other road.
No other way.
No day but today.

Will I lose my dignity?

You won't lose your dignity

Will someone care?

I will care

Will I wake tomorrow

You won't wake tomorrow

From this nightmare.

There's only us.
There's only this.
Forget regret.
Or life is yours to miss.
No other road.
No other way.
No day but today.

We ended and applause met our ears. It wasn't the usual rambunctious applause that followed a song like Bust a Move or Hate on Me. It was the applause that was soft or caring like when Kurt had sung Defying Gravity only to miss the last note. It made me feel loved and that was what I had needed. Thank God for Glee club... I don't know what I'd do without them.


It was the day of Sectionals. It had been a month since I had told the club about my disease. I had been getting worse, and they could tell. I was losing weight faster, getting less sleep, tiring out quicker in rehearsals. The doctor said that my body was reacting weirdly to the treatment and that's why it was happening. In short, instead of curing me, they were killing me quicker. Which I guess, in retrospect, isn't that bad because death has got to be better than living with all the pain that came with my illness.


We were in the backroom waiting for our turn to perform. We had drawn lucky number two for our performance slot. Sue Slyvester, after complaining about how Shue was pushing her star Cheerio (Kurt) to far because he would be to tired for her practice, had even come to watch their performance. Apparently she had wanted to know what was so important that Kurt wouldn't use his voice during their rehearsals and told her that he had to miss the last three games.

When the criminal girls' performance ended, we headed up the the backstage area. We had decided that the duet would be first, followed by the group song, and Rachel to finish us out. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't nervous. I had never really been in the spotlight in Glee. Sure, I had sung a little bit of Don't Stop Believin' at Regionals, but that had been a tiny duet with Santana and the rest of the club had been on stage with me. Now, it would be just Kurt and I.

The music started and we headed out. Our voices melted together and everything just fell into place. There really wasn't any dancing for our number, but we made some up as we went. Of course, we ended up holding hands and staring into each others eyes by the end of the song. That always happened though. It was as if I was really asking him those questions, and he would always answer me honestly. The slight breakdown when I saw the tears running down his face was inevitable, but at least I kept it together enough to show the crowd that the song had meaning but not exactly what it meant.

Hearing the music end, we smiled at each other before facing the audience. In a very Rachel-esque manner, he curtsied to the best of his ability in pants, and I gave a slight bow. "Ladies and Gentlemen." He said as the crowd ceased their clapping.

"New Directions!" I finished for him as the rest of the group filed in beside us.

Just like I thought, Shue had us stick to the movie version. We were all standing in a perfectly straight line with our faces pointedly staring out into the audience. Some people must have recognized the ever popular intro of music because there were quite a few intakes of breath and one person even cooed. Weird, but better than anticipated.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

How do you measure, measure our year?

In daylights

In sunsets

In midnights

In cups of coffee

In inches

In miles

In laughter

In strife

In, five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

How do you measure a year in the life?

How about love?

How about love?
How about love?
Measure in love

Seasons of love

Seasons of love

Even from down the line, I could see Mercedes suck in a lot of air like she was trying to keep herself from crying. She didn't show any hints of sadness or struggle in her voice. Damn, I admire her strength.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

Five hundred twenty-five thousand journeys to plan

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

How do you measure the life of a woman or a man

Matt started immediately. Almost as if he was about to chicken out. Thank the heavens he didn't. His solo was the epic part of this song... Plus he sounded just like Jesse Martin did when he sung it.

In truths that he learned

Or in times that he cried

In bridges he burned

Or the way that he died

Before he finished his note we all started in again. This time moving slightly with the rhythm and clapping along to the beat. I was happy to hear that the audience was clapping along with us.

It's time now to sing out

Tho' the story never ends

Let's celebrate

Remember a year in the life of friends

Remember the love

Remember the love

Seasons of love

We ended and I don't think I've ever been so happy to get off a stage in my life. I was spent. Even walking back down to the waiting room was a work out for me. The speakers were plugged in and we could hear Rachel belting out the end of her solo. God, she had an amazing voice. I guess now that I was dying, I appreciated a lot more. I appreciated Kurt's presence, Rachel's voice, Mercedes' protective momma bear side, Finn's awkward way of saying everything was okay, even Miss Pillsbury's chat I had to sit through.

We sat and waited again as the last choir performed. I tried to listen, I really did, but I was just to tired. I remember hearing the opening notes to Sexyback, but after that came darkness until Kurt's voice broke the silence in my head.

"Noah... Wake up... We have to go back on stage..." I could hear the panic in his voice. He must have thought I died while waiting for the results. Opening my eyes, I was met with his blue-ish green orbs and they were sparkling with unshed tears. "Oh, God. Don't you scare me like that again. I've been trying to wake you up for five minutes now. I thought for sure you were dead."

"I'm fine... Is everyone else up stairs?" He nodded in the affirmative and helped me to my feet.


It was now mid May. It had been four months since Noah had passed away and the Glee club was still mourning his loss. Shue had written the Ohio State Show Choir Board of Directions to ask them to let us perform with eleven members instead of the usual twelve since we were kind of in a tight spot. Reluctantly, they agreed and said that the judges would be informed once they were picked.


It was now a week from Regionals and no one felt like performing. The set list hadn't been chosen and no dancing had been out together. It seemed like sophomore year's Sectionals all over again. With a week to go though, Shue reprimanded us for being so down. He told us that Noah wouldn't want this. He would want us to show the world how gleeful would could be. That had earned a laugh from the group. We were finally pulling ourselves together.

It was a quick set list. Quite sloppy compared to our normally nitpicked work. Our group number was going to be Purple Summer from Spring Awakening with Santana taking the solo on that one. The second group number was planned to be What's Going to Happen to Me? (from the musical episode of Scrubs) and having Tina take the solo on this one. Finally, everyone decided hands down that I needed to perform Noah mash up as the solo, but of course tweaking the lyrics again. Sighing, I agreed and went to work on working on a song that Noah would be proud of.

I found myself crying in my room late one night while attempting to rewrite the lyrics. If Finn hadn't of heard me, I don't know what would of happened. He got woke up and wrapped his arms around me and let me cry it out on his shoulder. He asked me if I had had another nightmare and when I said no he looked confused.

I told him it was a flashback to sitting on Noah's bed doing this exact same thing and telling Noah how easy it was to rearrange lyrics and songs. Now, I couldn't even bring myself to mess up the beautiful piece of music. Finn just rubbed soothing circles on my back and suggested that I go with the original music that Noah had sung that day so many months ago.

How often do you get to say that Finn had a stroke of genius? Not very often, but I told him so and went digging around in my music binder until I found the original score sheet that Noah had made up. Altering the lyrics was the easy part this time. Finn stayed up with me as I finished the piece and I had never been more thankful for my step-brother than I had in those quiet moments.

The past week had gone by fast. Our group numbers had come together quite nicely in the short amount of time that we had to prepare. I even thought that we might place this year. Of course, our competition was Vocal Adrenaline again, but we weren't all that worried about them. We were worried about making Noah proud. We knew that he was up in heaven tackling Jesus for the remote so he could tune into to see the competition.

We were last to perform. We waited in the lobby instead of the backstage area and practiced our dancing. I was a nervous wreck of designer clothing. No one except Finn knew what the solo would sound like. When Shue had asked me to sing it at our last practice, I had politely declined saying that I wanted everyone to hear it on Saturday... Well that time was quickly approaching.

We did our group numbers first. Santana got a standing ovation for her solo which surprised everyone, including Santana. Our second song went down perfectly and Tina hit every note. She had been worried that the few high ones had been out of her range, but she hit each and everyone of them with grace and ease. She didn't even look like she was stretching for the note at all. As quickly as it came though, it was over and the rest of my fellow singers cleared out and into the wings of the stage where they could listen to the new arrangement.

I heard the cough that always happens when there's a lull in a performance. I took a huge breath and cued up the piano player who sat at the bench. For some reason they wouldn't let us use Brad, but if this guy could read music then I would be fine. He seemed to know what he was doing as the notes came out the same way they had when Brad played for me when I had rehearsed during a free period.

I knew I couldn't put it off any longer. I closed my eyes and let Noah's face come to the front of my mind. If he could go through so much and still smile, then I could get through this song without crying... at least that's what I told myself.

You didn't lose your dignity

Everyone cared

You didn't wake yesterday

From your nightmare

There's only us

There's only this

Forget regret

Or life is yours to miss

No other road

No other way

No day but today

You didn't lose your dignity

Everyone cared

You didn't wake yesterday

From your nightmare

I cut it short knowing that was as far as I was going to be able to go. Luckily, I had done it earlier in the week to and had cut the sheet music there as well. I could feel the tears running down my cheeks and a pair of arms wrapped around me. When I opened my eyes though, no one was near me. The audience was applauding and some sobs could be heard.

I didn't have to wonder who had hugged me though. I knew that embrace anywhere. It had grown weaker as time went on, eventually losing strength all together, but it was unmistakeably Noah's warm arms that I had felt. I knew in that second, that whether we won or not, Noah was proud of us.

Happy Ending: Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel

Story title: Happy Ending: Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel
Chapter title: 2- All for Glee
Author: KlutzyKelli
Pairings/Characters: Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel, other canon characters are small parts
Rating: NC-13 for profane language
Summary: This is a story of boy meets boy. One boy has met the one for his. The one doesn't believe in dating other boys. You should know from the start that this is a love story. This is Noah Puckerman's and Kurt Hummel's love story.
Spoilers: All the way to 'Sectionals'... I think.
Author's Note: I'm completely new to LiveJournal and have no clue what I'm doing so if I do something wrong, please let me know. I hate acting like a newbie and asking questions. It makes me feel stupid and such. (Thanks to anyone who has given me advice so far though!) So without much else to say, let's get this story started!
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. If I did Puck and Kurt would be together and Adam Lambert would be the co-captain with Mister Shuester. So obviously, I don't own Glee.


Puck slammed his car door shut as he yelled at his sister to get in the house. "Really? Why did you have to be my sister? Of all the people in the world to be stuck with as a sibling and I get you! The only person who'd be worse is Berry! You know what? Just go! I'll deal with you later. I can't believe you put me in that situation!" He watched as she ran into the house, wiping at her eyes as she ran. He didn't care if she was crying. He sighed and ran his hand through his small strip of hair.

Jogging up his walkway, he made it inside and noticed a smudge on his hand. Squinting at it, he realized it was Kurt's cell number still on his hand. He smiled lightly and the hearts that were placed around the call me and around his name. He shook his head trying to clear it. It was all for glee. He was just getting a little excited about singing... Yeah, that was it. He pulled out his phone and dialed the number in. The ring back tone blared in his ears. Beyonce's Single Ladies sounded a lot better without all the distortion.

After about fifteen seconds of the song, a feminine voice came from the cellular device. "Allo?"

"Kurt? Dude, it's Puck. You told me to call you so we could pick our song." Puck made his way up the stairs and into his room. He laid down on the bed and kicked the clothes onto the floor. He closed his eyes and listened to the brunette's voice.

"Oh, hey. Yeah. Like I said earlier, I don't have that many. I'm not really sure what your preference would be. I was looking up more when I got home and I found a few from RENT that we might be able to do. The duets from there are Tango Maureen, I Should Tell You, Light My Candles, and Without You. The last three are a boy and girl duet and the first is two girls. If you want you can go look up lyrics and stuff." Puck heard shuffling and doors closing in the background. He imagined Kurt making his way down the wooden steps into the stark white basement that served as Kurt's bedroom. He imagined Kurt climbing onto the bed and putting this conversation on speaker and resting his head in his hands as he stared at the sheet music that (knowing Kurt) he just happened to have laying around.

Puck smiled at the mental image of Kurt crawling into his bed. When he realized what he was doing, he made a slight growling noise and tried to focus on the conversation. He hadn't really been paying attention. He tried to think of anything that Kurt had said this afternoon in the music room. The only song that came to his mind was the one that had made Kurt blush a slight pink tint. "What was that one today? Something about a secret... How about that one? I like the title."

A small squeaking noise came from the other end and then a string of poorly put together curses. "Noah, you haven't looked up the lyrics have you? Why don't you check those out before making a decision. A title is not enough information to go on."

"Looking up lyrics is a waste of my time. I usually pick what song to listen to by the title. Why break a tradition now?"

A pause. "If that's what you want. I'll bring the sheet music tomorrow. Shuester said we can have the choir room tomorrow after school. I'd like to get in there during our lunch break as well though. So grab your lunch and meet me in the choir room tomorrow. Sound good?" Kurt's usually high pitched voice seemed to be higher than normal. Puck wondered just how high that tenor could go.

"That sounds amazing. I'll get my sister to look up the lyrics tonight and I'll start to memorize them. You said it's a duet. Which part do you want me sing?" Puck mumbled into the receiver. He was distracted by the thought if Kurt's voice going extremely high, but not because he was embarrassed.

"Sing the Jason part. Trust me. Once you see the lyrics you'll get it. Alright well I need to get some homework done, start choreographing, and highlight the parts for this song." A tired yawn came from Kurt end. "So I guess this is goodbye."

Puck smiled at the sound of his voice. "I guess so. See you tomorrow, Diva." With that, Puck hung up and stared at this ceiling. He should go look up those lyrics, but first he had to have a talking to with his sister. He heaved himself up off his bed and out of his nicely torn apart room. Making his way down the hallway, he made it to his sister's room and saw her sitting on her bed doing her homework. He knocked and entered.

"I'm sorry for what I said earlier. It was said in anger. I want you to know that I really do love having you as my sister, Sarah. It's just... You can't put me in those awkward situations any more." He stopped and looked at her. She looked ready to cry. He scooped her up and sat her on his lap giving her a hug. "When a teacher says they want to talk to your guardian, you can't tell them that I'm your parent. Do I look old enough to be a dad?" He pulled back and looked at her face again.

"I'm sorry. It's just that she said 'guardian.' Isn't a guardian someone who takes care of you and loves you and raises you?" Puck nodded to show her that she was correct. "Well, then I didn't lie. You do all of that. You're my guardian. Besides, you do more stuff for me than mom. She's never home and when she is she doesn't do anything but cry and sleep on the couch."

Puck sucked in a breath. He knew that Sarah had never know their father, but she must have known what his leaving had done to their mother. Ever since Sarah was born, the bastard hadn't even showed up. It had killed his mother. She went into a deep depression and as of now still hadn't come out of it. Noah, as a ten year old boy, had raise and cared for Sarah since birth. He smiled at the good memories of the two of them together. "Sarah, it may seem like I'm your guardian, but mom is still the one who needs to talk to your teachers. Not me. Okay?"

A frown graced her features but she never broke eye contact with him. "Okay. Sorry, bro." A small smile started to slip on her face.

"Good." He leaned over and kissed the top of her head. "Now, do you want to help me with a little project?" He watched as she shook her head up and down enthusiastically. "Sweet. We need to find lyrics to a broadway song called Best Kept Secret from Bare. I'll time how long it takes you. Ready? Go!"

She sprang up and off her bed and to the old computer. Five minutes and fifty three seconds later, Puck was reading the lyrics over her shoulder. "Puck, what is this song talking about?"

He felt his cheeks getting hotter as he read over the lyrics. "Nothing you should know about. Go finish your homework, twerp." With that he pushed her out of the swivel chair and away from the lyrics. Why was the mental picture of Kurt crawling towards him popping back up in his mind? This song was just for glee. It was nothing more... But why did he have a feeling that things were going to get a lot more complicated in his life?

Kurt Hummel <3 Noah Puckerman

Happy Ending: Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel

Story title: Happy Ending: Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel
Chapter title: 1- Only the beginning
Author: KlutzyKelli
Pairings/Characters: Noah Puckerman and Kurt Hummel, other cannon characters are small parts
Rating: NC-13 for profane language
Summary: This is a story of boy meets boy. One boy has met the one for his. The one doesn't believe in dating other boys. You should know from the start that this is a love story. This is Noah Puckerman's and Kurt Hummel's love story.
Spoilers: All the way to 'Sectionals'... I think.
Author's Note: I'm completely new to LiveJournal and have no clue what I'm doing so if I do something wrong, please let me know. I hate acting like a newbie and asking questions. It makes me feel stupid and such. So without much else to say, let's get this story started!
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. If I did Puck and Kurt would be together, Rachel would be dead in a ditch somewhere, and Adam Lambert would be the co-captain with Mister Shuester. So obviously, I don't own Glee.


William Shuester opened the door to the music room in a hurry. He was running late and wanted to get his Glee club working as fast as he could. Hopefully everyone would be ready to throw themselves into rehearsals. Regionals was in three months and Vocal Adrenaline was already hard at work. Regionals was going to a lot more work. They needed five songs this time around: a ballad, two duets, and two group numbers. The ballad was, thankfully, taken care of. Mercedes had been working hard and was taking lots of time perfecting her song (which she had yet to reveal to anyone). One of the duets was also complete. Rachel graciously humbled herself and asked Mister Shuester to let Kurt sing Defying Gravity with her as their proud moment. That left one other duet and two group numbers. Luckily, the hat of fate was once again making itself useful again.

"Guys! Settle down!" Shuester waited as everyone took their respective seat and cut the chatter. "I've decided that since our ballad assignment was taken away from us because of your concern for your friends, we'd have another go at it. This time though, I want your ballad to be a duet. I want you and your partner to agree to a song and perform it in two weeks. The best will be added to our Regionals set list. Now since Kurt and Rachel are already doing a duet together, they can't be paired together. Other than that, you are stuck with who ever you grab. Once again, you're partner will be chosen by fate." He waltzed over to the cabinet in the corner and slipped out the black top hat. He looked inside to see all the strips of paper from last time. "So whose going first?" He asked as he set down the accessory.

The room was deathly silent as the club members looked around at each other. A heavy sigh was heard and they turned to see Artie rolling over to the piano and reaching in. His nose scrunched up a little as he read the piece of paper in front of him. "Rachel." A chorus of short laughs went around the room.

Tina, feeling a little more confident now that Rachel had been picked, went next and reached in. Her face seemed happier as she read the name on the parchment. "Mercedes." The two shared a smile before the rest came up to grab their partner. The list went like this: Artie and Rachel, Tina and Mercedes, Santana and Finn, Matt and Quinn, Mike and Brittany.

Puck laughed as everyone got their partners. He stood up next and headed for the hat not realizing that there was one person left. The room grew still he pulled out the last name. Everyone held back laughs and comments as Puck stared at the paper in disbelief. He looked up at the other clubbers. "Kurt." The voice held no emotion. No contempt, no hate, no loathing. Absolutely nothing. He looked over at the small soprano. The look on the boy's face was one of fear and disbelief. Puck nearly laughed at the memory of the last time that look had been on his face. Sue had called him 'gay kid.'

While he was still reminiscing, Shuester came up behind him and cleared his throat quite loudly in the kid's ear. "Well, now that we all have our partners why don't we get started." He smiled brightly. He was glad that Noah and Kurt had been paired up together. Maybe this would open the door for them to understand each other. He sighed as he went and sat over at the small desk in the corner and let the members of Glee club do their thing.

Everyone grabbed their partner and immediately drowned themselves into what song they should perform. Puck shifted over towards Kurt who was still getting over the shock of being paired up with the halfback. He waved his hand in front of the man diva trying his attention. "Earth to, Diva. Mind helping me pick our song?" Kurt suddenly snapped out of his state and whipped out his ipod, scrolling through the thousands of songs.

"I have a few duets on my ipod. Most of them are men and women though. I can sing the women part if we picked something like that. I have a few comedic duets like Totally Fucked and The Bitch of Living from Spring Awakening. There is Loathing, One Short Day, and For Good from Wicked. I'd stat away from that musical since Rchel and I are already doing a song from that play. The only other duet I have on here is Best Kept Secret from Bare... I doubt you'd want to sing that one though." Kurt looked up from his music player with a slight blush across his face.

While Puck wasn't gay, he had long since gotten used to Kurt being open about his sexual preference. He had also figured out that every time the ex-kicker was suggesting something pertaining to the gaier side of life, a pinkish tint tended to over take his features. He smirked as he looked at the small boy.

"I don't know what any of those songs sound like, so I'll say maybe to them. The only duet song I know from Broadway is The Phantom of the Opera... I doubt that even you can get that high though." Kurt raised an eyebrow at the challenge and glanced up to see that most of the pairs had wondered off (most likely to practice or to head on home for the day) and his gaze landed over on the abandoned piano.

"I believe that was a challenge, Noah Puckerman. I don't back away from challenges." He stood up and made his way over to the boxes of musical scores on the table next to Mister Shuester. He rummaged around for a few minutes before finding what he was looking for. Taking the music back over to the piano, he set up the bench and score sheet and mumbled something about piano lessons under this breath before letting his fingers fly over the keys and began singing Christine's part.

Puck listened as Kurt sung. Out of the corner of his eye, Puck saw Shuester look up at the sound of Kurt hitting the opera like notes. It was like he didn't even know he could hit those notes. As he finished up, Kurt looked over at Puck with a satisfied smirk and his usual cockiness in his sparkling blueish green eyes.

"I see I was wrong." The mohawked teen smiled a little as he looked over at the clock and muttered a few choice words under his breath. "I have to go pick up my sister from after school. Ummm... I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked while he gathered up his stuff.

Before he could blink, Kurt was at his side with a pen in hand. He scribbled something onto the tan skin. "Text me or call me later tonight so we can decide what song we're doing. Unlike you, I kind of want to get practicing." He smiled as he walked away.

Puck stared at his hand, memorizing the number. He didn't know what was making him think about calling Hummel later on, but he was definitely going to program his number into his phone... For glee purposes of course.

Kurt Hummel <3 Noah Puckerman


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